Perks And Drawbacks Of Squarespace Website For Businesses In 2024

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Are you planning to enter the competitive space of online marketing? That’s a great idea and the first step to this is creating a well-attractive website for your online business. 

Now you must be thinking you need to hire a professional website designer who will create a great website. But you don’t have to spend a dime on creating a dynamic website and you can do it yourself just through Squarespace. Businesses from different industries are using Squarespace as the best web designing solution. 

However, just creating a website will not be enough and you need to improve its functionality so that people notice and put their trust in it. That is why many marketers today have started to add Google reviews on Squarespace website to gain the trust of the audience. If you are wondering why Google reviews then the answer is quite simple because of its trust factor. Google is the most popular and authentic platform to read honest customer reviews of businesses preferred globally. 

But this article is not about Google reviews. This article will explain to you about Squarespace and its pros and cons for your better understanding. 

So, follow this article till the end. 

Squarespace- An Introduction

Let’s start with knowing about Squarespace then you will able to understand the perks and drawbacks that will be discussed later. 

The popular Squarespace is a website-building platform that lets anyone design an incredible website according to their business needs. The best part about Squarespace is that even a person with zero coding knowledge can design a great website and no need to be dependent on any professionals. All you need is a little practice in the beginning to get used to it and that’s all. And the Squarespace Google review widget makes websites very engaging for the audiences.

Squarespace comes with multiple features that help you to design a great website. The feature includes:

  • Best website templates. 
  • Appointment tools.
  • Solution for SEO or search engine optimization.
  • Tool for email marketing.
  • Websites can be designed and edited through drag-and-drop features and many more. 

Perks To Be Noted About Squarespace Website

After a little introduction about Squarespace let’s have a closer look at it which means you will know about its perks and drawbacks now. Starting with the positive aspects of the Squarespace platforms. Let’s have a look at the perks of using the Squarespace website.

  1. Simple to use

It’s not a lot of work to use Squarespace and even a user with zero technical knowledge can able to create websites for their business without any technical knowledge. The platform is preferred by the users due to its user-friendly interface. With the drag-and-drop feature of the platform, it’s easy to customize the webpage. 

  1. Various choices of designs

Users will get multiple options for design to create their website from choosable layouts to choosable color options. To add images to your website you will get the Unsplash library for that. Squarespace offers different customization options for themes that are highly responsive. You also have the option of changing the font, custom CSS, and custom code. 

  1. Price plans

Users have an option of different price plans with Squarespace for different features. All the features that users can able to avail of are based on the price plan. The price plan of Squarespace has four different pricing options: business, commerce, personal, and basic. 

The Squarespace price plan started from $16 to $49. However, it may not be the cheapest but is affordable and offers easy-to-use features as compared to others.

Drawbacks To Be Noted About Squarespace Website

Perks are explained above so there must be drawbacks as well also. Whatever the product it must have both pros and cons. You need to understand the drawbacks to be able to overcome them. So, let’s take a quick look at the drawbacks of Squarespace.

  1. Issues with payments

Squarespace doesn’t offer its users multiple options for payments. Squarespace only supports the Apple Pay option and has no equivalent support.

  1. Pricing

Squarespace offers multiple attractive and well-designed themes but the problem is that they are expensive compared to other website designing platforms. The price plan of the Squarespace platform is high which many businesses aren’t able to afford. Along with that like other platforms, it doesn’t have any free trial plan.

  1. Technical problems

The chat support feature of Squarespace doesn’t support any other language than English. Blogs and posts cannot be auto-saved. With multiple versions of Squarespace, it is confusing for the users to understand which version they are using. 

Final Words

To create your business website Squarespace is a great choice because of its intuitive interface and ability to build the best online presence. This article has given you an introduction to Squarespace. With that, this article has also talked about Squarespace and its benefits and drawbacks. 

Keeping them in mind, use Squarespace to design your website and give your business a competitive edge.

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