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Windows Spy Software

Everyone is talking about using tools like mobile trackers or Windows spy software. The technology has become so popular because of so many reasons. The features offered by the app are equally beneficial for both parents and employers. These two communities are the most common users of this type of technology. Parents can use the amazing feature to keep a strict yet protective eye on their kids. At the same time, employers can handle work-related activities remotely and manage employees more like pros with the help of computer monitoring tools. OgyMogy app offers different versions for all the popular operating systems, and the Windows spy app is one of them. 

So, if you are searching for a worthy parental control and employee monitoring app, then OgyMogy can be a good and effective choice. You can know about the target in detail and have remote access to the Windows gadget without letting them know. Here are details of some of the amazing features offered by the app, but first, let us tell you about a bonus feature that can help you eliminate any worries regarding using such a tool.

Everything You Need to Know About Stealth Mode

The stealth mode is all about hidden services the Windows spy software offers. The software works silently in the background of the target gadget without disturbing or affecting routine tasks. No major signs or hints are given to the user, like extra battery drainage or spontaneous screen brightness in the case of good apps. Thus, the target remains unaware of any parenting installation, and the user’s secret remains safe. This feature can be convenient for parents who want to portray a cool image of themselves and don’t want to let their kids know about the installation of the Windows spy tool as parental control. On the other hand, employees think that most companies and businesses use such tools these days. Now, let’s get to the features offered to parents and employers. 

Benefits For Parents

  • The app offers so many features that can help in digital parenting. Here are some of the benefits of using spy software. 
  • Parents can know about the online and offline activities of the kids secretly by using the tool. They can see when the screen is active and what. The target does the type of screen activities each day. 
  • With all the information being saved by date and time information, it is easy to know about the kids’ schedule. Parents can know if the kids are skipping school or staying late because of their gadgets. 
  • Real-time location tracking can help parents in any emergency or unforeseen situation. Parents can even control their kids’ movements by using the geo-fencing feature. 
  • Don’t be sad or furious if you are not added to the kid’s Facebook or Instagram account. You can track all the popular social media activities of the kids by silently using the Windows spy software.

Benefits for Employers

  • Employers can enjoy the service offered by the Windows spy apps as well. 
  • The tool can be effective for keeping a check on the overall productivity of the employees per day. With screen recording, the employer can know if the staff is working or wasting official hours. 
  • The screenshots and short video recordings of the target screen can be used to guide the employees or train the newly recruited employees. 
  • Employers can listen to any important call with a call log and call record feature of the app. Skype calls or calls made through the messenger apps can be monitored and recorded with the help of the tool.
  • Know when the employees check in with the camera alert feature. Users can remotely control the target gadget camera and can watch the target’s surroundings at any given time. It is extremely useful to track any sloppy employee right away. 
  • Ensure no spy or suspicious employee works under your nose to sabotage the company’s reputation. Remote access to digital services like social media apps, emails, and other communication channels makes detecting illegal activity easy.

A good Windows spy software like the OgyMogy also covers Android and Mac devices. You can remotely monitor all the target activities by using any bundle. 

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