Best Areas to Buy an Apartment in Abu Dhabi in 2024

Buy an Apartment in Abu Dhabi in 2024

In 2023, Abu Dhabi’s real estate market expanded strongly, as seen by rising prices and returns on investment (ROI) for villas and flats. This is due to the actions taken by the Abu Dhabi government, including allowing foreign ownership of specific properties, setting up regulatory bodies to protect investors, and putting policies in place to draw in capital. The capital city now has a favorable investment climate thanks to these initiatives.

Prices for Luxury Villas and Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi increased in 2024 as a result of the city’s accessibility to recreational possibilities, basic services, and profitable investment prospects. The capital city saw a sharp increase in demand for luxury property as a result.

Here are the top five areas to look into to help you find your ideal home, along with some advice on how to use an Abu Dhabi property finder to make your search go more smoothly:

Saadiyat Island

In Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island is a popular area for luxurious properties. Saadiyat Island, well-known for its breathtaking beachfront homes and cultural landmarks, provides an unusual combination of luxurious living and engaging cultural activities. Find the perfect apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi by browsing the available properties on Saadiyat Island with an Abu Dhabi property finder.

Al-Reem Island

Another well-liked option for Abu Dhabi property purchasers is Reem Island. Al Reem Island provides a variety of properties, from apartments to villas, thanks to its waterfront location and close access to the city core. Search the Al Reem Island listings with an Abu Dhabi property finder to locate the ideal property for your requirements.

After increasing by 3.34% in 2023, the average cost of an apartment in Al Reem Island is $287 (AED 1,064) square feet. In Al Reem Island, the average asking prices for studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments have been $157,950 (AED 585k), $232,260 (858k), and $383,400 (AED 1.42M), in that order. The available flats in Al Reem Island have sales transactions worth $337,500,000 (AED 1.25 billion) in 2023, according to DARI, the real estate ecosystem of the capital.

Yas Island

Yas Island is a popular destination for buyers of property because of its top-notch leisure and entertainment offerings. There are too many options for everyone, whether you’re searching for a luxurious house or a family-friendly apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island. Discover the available properties on Yas Island by using an Abu Dhabi property finder, and locate the ideal place to call home.

Yas Island apartments cost $378 (AED 1,400) per square foot on average in 2023, a 6.7% rise. On Yas Island, the average cost of a studio apartment for sale in 2023 was $202,500 (AED 750k), while the average cost of a one- or two-bedroom apartment was $289,900 (AED 1.07M) and $491,400 (AED 1.82M), respectively. According to DARI Data, the total sales transaction value of completed Yas Island apartments as of 2023 was $89,640,000 (AED 332 million).

Al Raha Beach

The popular waterfront neighborhood of Al Raha Beach has a variety of properties available, such as apartments and villas. Al Raha Beach is a well-liked option for property buyers in Abu Dhabi due to its ideal beachside location and extensive facilities. Search the Al Raha Beach real estate listings using an Abu Dhabi property finder to locate the perfect home.

In Al Raha Beach, the average sales price of studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments has been $246,510 (AED 913k), $315,900 (AED 1.17M), and $459,000 (AED 1.7M).

Regarding the fourth and fifth spots, buyers of luxury apartments have expressed interest in Saadiyat Island and Al Maryah Island. The average price of the Saadiyat Island luxury flats for sale was $961,200 (AED 3.56 million), with a return on investment of 3.63%.

Al Reef

Al Reef is a family-friendly area with a range of affordable properties, including villas and apartments. Al Reef is an excellent area for families to live in because of its well-planted gardens, swimming pools, and leisure facilities. Find the ideal house for you and your family by searching for properties in Al Reef directly from an owner and without any commission or brokerage fee like DirectSB.

Al Maryah Island

Al Maryah Island, on the other hand, has the greatest ROI of 10.21% when it comes to the best places to purchase flats or apartments in the capital of UAE in 2024. In the area, the average asking price for an apartment has been $299,700 (AED 1.11 million).


Are you ready to Buy an Apartment in Abu Dhabi in 2024? Making decisions in the number of possibilities available in the Abu Dhabi real estate market can be challenging. For instance, you must select the ideal location, get knowledgeable about the complex legal requirements, and secure the necessary money. Using the correct approach which involves careful planning, extensive study, and expert assistance finding and purchasing an apartment in this busy city can be simple, if not enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious apartment with breathtaking views, a sustainable and eco-friendly home, or an investment property that will produce huge returns, Abu Dhabi has enough to offer everyone.

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