Exploring the Prospects of Serverless Architecture for E-Commerce Store

Are you someone who has had experience with managing an e-commerce store before?  You know how tough it is to ensure that the website operates at its best during high-traffic periods. 

Despite the best endeavors by the team from WooCommerce development service to manage and track everything, it may fail to pass the rigorous test. With sudden hikes in demand during the festive and holiday season, you have to approach things differently. So, embrace serverless architecture for your e-commerce website and elevate the infrastructure to new heights. 

What is Serverless Architecture all about?

Don’t just go by the name when exploring the prospects of going serverless or if a recommendation comes from the WooCommerce development agency. It might initially seem that the website would not need a server at all. It simply means server setup and maintenance become the responsibility of a cloud service provider. The development company might suggest this implementation to streamline work and devote more time to creating the website. All this comes from a cloud service that handles all the back-end processes based on a per-use payment structure. 

Benefits of Serverless Architecture for your WooCommerce store

If you are planning to switch to serverless architecture, explore the reasons for it at first no matter how attractive and wide-ranging they sound. Here are things you should not skip during the implementation of serverless technology:

  1. Managing the cost 

Nothing ever begins without discussions about cost, so a similar analogy will apply here as well. Usually, the cost of serverless architecture differs based on the usage. So, you will never spend more than what is needed for your website. However, the cost calculation would not go up on a similar scale all the time. With the growth of e-commerce platforms, there are other parameters to be considered. 

Comparing the goals of retailers and the functionality of the architecture reveals how the costs are likely to scale. When you hire a WooCommerce developer, you are going to be more informed about the cost scaling process as they are going to test the software based on the volume of sales and search requests for better implementation. Either way, going serverless would not rev up the cost of development but rather make it more manageable. 

  1. Enjoy the savings 

You might not have imagined saving an enormous amount of money that you have otherwise incurred for administrators and engineers. You will no longer need them as such server setup and installation of OS and middleware will no longer be needed. If you are planning to begin operating your WooCommerce store soon, you will feel happy with the immense savings that come with the new architecture. 

  1. Easy maintenance

Any business would be trying to avert operational hassles but nothing would happen overnight. E-commerce stores can function trouble-free when developers become free from the stealthy workload of setting up a server and tracking its performance, fine-tuning various other functionalities, and finding solutions whenever problems arise. Thanks to serverless architecture; it will bring a sea change in how the store’s operations run as developers would have more time to monitor the performance of the website. 

  1. Improve the efforts

As the maintenance hassles disappear, you no longer have to worry about having too many people on board with none of them focusing on the actual thing. Wondering how? You will have teams managing specific functions on average days. However, when the demands spike on specific weeks and months, a team that handles a function will have a different focus.  That same team would be responsible for handling a more important functionality on those days when demands go up. For instance, teams would then be focusing on transaction speed or improving customer experience to streamline operations. 

Limitations of serverless architecture

You are working with an offshore web development company in India to implement serverless architecture. While the experts make you aware of its benefits, you need to take a glimpse of its limitations as well. Here they are:

  1. Serverless architecture is one where the server would not be overworked as the platforms will follow suit to meet the demands. Often, fake attempts to make your server work more than it does may result in fake traffic. Developers need to be aware of them.
  2. Too much reliance on a cloud service provider makes it difficult to move elsewhere when cost issues arise.
  3. Cloud services may not have serverless service matching the huge amount of back-end tasks that commonly run on E-commerce websites.

Serverless technology may not be a perfect fit for every WooCommerce store no matter how compelling the benefits are. For now, every business needs to balance the pros and cons to create more strategic efforts to ensure that the innovations allow you to reap benefits.

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